Experience Design
s.f. (pl. -sìe)
1 psych. Different perceptions of senses converging into a single sensory sphere;
2 ling. Particular form of metaphor which consists in combining together terms belonging to different sensory spheres.
/sinesteṡìa/ is a design studio focused on the enhancement of experience and senses, for a deeper interaction of the user with products, spaces and services
/Intánima/ visual identity
/Habita/ festival organization and art direction
/Cantieri Creativi/ web design
/Mijazz/ visual identity (proposal)
/Dotz/ magazine art direction
/Leopoldo Caggiano/ visual identity
/Cirri/ music artwork
/Deperian/ type design
/Deperian/ type design
/Giacinto/ product experience
/Giacinto/ product experience
¶ /sinesteṡìa/ is a conceptual design studio born from the synergy of Ludovica Vando and Lorenzo Appiani and their passion for experience related to objects, spaces and services. Their belief is that functionality and aesthetics are only able to generate synesthesia if multiple senses are stimulated by an interacting experience between the user and what he is touching, seeing, smelling and feeling. ¶ From products to visuals and spaces, Sinestesia aims to evocate different senses through it designs in order to generate a long-lasting experience in which body, mind and spirit are involved.

Milano — Madrid